Elementary School

This is Darienee's Elementary School.

Part 1: KindergartenEdit


Darienee in a Kindergarten Classroom with a water sample, a book titled A Beginner's Reader, an Addition flashcard and an ABC on the wall.

Chapter 1: Introduction to a New SchoolEdit



Chapter 2: New Friends in the ClassroomEdit

Chapter 3: The New Library CardsEdit

Chapter 4: A Baby for HalloweenEdit

Chapter 5: The First Field TripEdit

Chapter 6: Christmas in Washington D.C.Edit

Chapter 7: The New Boy in TownEdit

Chapter 8: A Valentine's Day CrushEdit

Chapter 9: The First Elementary School ConcertEdit

Chapter 10: The Shy Kindergarten FemaleEdit

Chapter 11: Spring Break at Aunt Sandy'sEdit

Chapter 12: The Big Spring Talent ShowEdit

Chapter 13: A Birthday Party of the AgesEdit

Chapter 14: First Summer at Camp MeadowfieldEdit

Part 2: First GradeEdit

First Grade

Darienee in her first grade class with a Grade 1 Math book and a captured Caterpillar.

Chapter 1: A New Academic ChallengeEdit

Chapter 2: Cecily and the New Boy Edit

Chapter 3: Darienee's Pet ObsessionsEdit

Chapter 4: The New Girl on the BlockEdit

Chapter 5: Matt's First BirthdayEdit

Chapter 6: A New PE ChallengeEdit

Chapter 7: Christmas at Uncle George'sEdit

Chapter 8: The Winter FestivalEdit

Chapter 9: Movie Treat DayEdit

Chapter 10: Trip to the Baltimore Bug ZooEdit

Chapter 11: Spring Break at Day CampEdit

Chapter 12: Sophia and Lionel as Career PartnersEdit

Chapter 13: A New Birthday SurpriseEdit

Chapter 14: The Multi Activity SummerEdit

Part 3: Second GradeEdit

Second Grade

Darienee in her second grade class with a Grade 2 Science book and two math flashcards.

Chapter 1: A New Boy in ClassEdit