High School

This is the high school for Darienee and her friends.


2-D Art CoursesEdit

Intro to 2-D ArtEdit

Drawing IEdit

Drawing IIEdit

Drawing IIIEdit

Painting IEdit

Painting IIEdit

Painting IIIEdit


Computer Graphics IEdit

3-D Art CoursesEdit

Intro to 3-D ArtEdit

Ceramics and Sculpture IEdit

Ceramics and Sculpture IIEdit

Ceramics and Sculpture IIIEdit

Course DescriptionsEdit

Intro to 2-D Art Grade 9-12 Sem.Edit

This is a basic high school art class that emphasizes the utilization of materials used for two-dimensional artwork.  Topics include drawing, painting and printmaking.  A lab fee will be charged.

Intro to 3-D Art Grade 9-12 Sem.Edit

This basic high school art class introduces students to the use of materials needed for creating third dimensional art designs.  Topics include clay, plaster, wire and wood.  A lab fee will be needed.

Printmaking Grade 10-12 Sem. Prerequisite is one 2-D Art Semester.Edit

This class teaches students about making various forms of prints such as silk-screen, relief printing, T-shirt and greeting card creation.  A lab fee is bound to be charged.

Computer Graphics I Grade 9-12 Sem.Edit

This class teaches students the basics of graphic design with color correction, image editing and creating, printing, typography and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  A lab fee will be charged and vocational credit will be counted toward the student who takes it.

Drawing I Grade 9-12 Sem.  Prerequisite is Intro to 2-D Art.Edit

This basic professional drawing class is designed to teach high school students to begin drawing like a pro.  Techniques include Edges, Shadow, Light, Space and Relationships.  A lab fee is required to take this class

Drawing II Grade 10-12 Sem. Prerequisite is Drawing I.Edit

This class builds upon the topics learned in Drawing I and introduces more advanced ones such as focal point creation, composition and two-point-perspective drawing.  As always, students need to pay a lab fee to take the class.

Drawing III Grade 10-12 Sem. Prerequisite is Drawing II.Edit

This advanced high school drawing class teaches highly advanced drawing techniques including detail adding, three-point-perspective drawing and more.  As usual, a lab fee will be needed.

Painting I Grade 10-12 Yr.  Prerequisite is Drawing I plus concurrent taking of Drawing II.Edit

This year-long painting course teaches the basics of working with watercolors, acrylics and oils.  Basic wet media work is stressed as is creativity.  A lab fee will need to be paid as well.

Painting II Grade 11-12 Yr.  Prerequisite is Painting I.Edit

This class builds up on techniques learned in Painting I and deals with intermediate techniques like background and foreground choice and distance acheivement.  As always, you must pay a lab fee.

Painting III Grade 12 Yr. Prerequisite is Painting II.Edit

This class teaches highly advanced near-college-level painting techniques such as knife painting, glazing and impasto techniques.  A lab fee will still be essential.

Ceramics and Sculpture I Grade 9-12 Sem. Prerequisite is Intro to 3-D Art.Edit

This is the basic clay and sculpture material creation class.  Emphasis is placed upon basic glazing, firing processes, equipment, vocabulary and basic statue formation with clay, plaster or metal.  A lab fee will be needed.

Ceramics and Sculpture II Grade 10-12 Sem. Prerequisite is Ceramics and Sculpture I.Edit

During this class, emphasis will be placed on more advanced statue creation, handbuilding and glazing techniques.  Basic wheelthrowing will be taught as well and a lab fee is not an option.

Ceramics and Sculpture III Grade 10-12 Sem.  Prerequisite is Cermaics and Sculpture II.Edit

This advanced third dimensional art course deals with advanced handbuilding, statue making, glazing and wheelthrowing techniques.  A lab fee is mandatory too.


Vocational CoursesEdit

Intro to BusinessEdit

Introduction to EducationEdit

Study CoursesEdit

Notetaking and Study SkillsEdit

Economics CoursesEdit

Consumer EconomicsEdit

Course DescriptionsEdit

Intro to Business Grade 9-12 Sem.Edit

This course introduces students to the world of business through project-based education and classroom discussion. Topics include ethics, economics, banking, franchising, finance and more.

Notetaking and Study Skills Grade 9-12 Sem.Edit

This course is designed to help students improve their own study habits like the time management method of doing homework before watching TV or playing videogames, organizing their work, studying more, learning how to take tests efficiently and listening to the instructor more.  A workbook fee will be required for this class.

Consumer Economics Grade 12 Sem.Edit

This course will be required for graduation as it teaches students how to manage money in a responsible manner.  Topics include housing, banking, the Federal Reserve System, taxing, world ecnomies and more.


Required CoursesEdit

Literature and Composition StudiesEdit

American Literature and CompositonEdit

British Literature and Composition IEdit

Junior Level Second Semester ChoicesEdit

British Literature and Composition IIEdit
Contemporary Literature and CompositionEdit
Dramatic Literature and CompositionEdit
Mythology and CompositionEdit
Cultural Studies and CompositionEdit

Senior Level ChoicesEdit

Twentieth Century Literature and CompositionEdit
World Literature and Composition IEdit
World Literature and Composition IIEdit
Poetry and CompositionEdit
Philosophic Literature and CompositionEdit
Film StudiesEdit
Communication and CompositionEdit


College Preparatory ReadingEdit

Public SpeakingEdit

Creative Writing IEdit

Creative Writing IIEdit

Theater Arts IEdit

Theater Arts IIEdit

Required Course DescriptionsEdit

English 1-Literature and Composition Studies Grade 9 Yr.Edit

This course teaches students how to analyze adult literary works through myths, novels, short stories, poems and plays.  Descriptive, narrative, expository and persuasive writings are also stressed as are speaking, grammar, spelling and usage skills.  Basic research is stressed as well.

English 2-American Literature and Composition Grade 10 Yr.Edit

This course involves students in studying American Literature from the Native American to Contemporary periods. Works include biographies, essays, journals, novels, poems, short fiction and plays.  Students will also write descriptive, persuasive, expository and narrative essays and use the literature to do persuasive, informative and entertaining speeches.

English 3-British Literature and Composition I Grade 11 Sem. 1Edit

This class teaches students about analyzing British literary works starting in the Dark Ages.  The same writing and speaking techniques learned in the previous two English courses will also be expanded upon.

English 3-Junior Level Second Semester ChoicesEdit

English 3-British Literature and Composition II Grade 11 Sem. 2Edit

This class is a continuation of the previous british literature anlaysis class.  It involves reading works from the Romantic, Victorian, Modern and Contemporary Era.

English 3-Contemporary Literature and Composition Grade 11 Sem. 2Edit

This class deals with literature from contemporary times such as novels, poems, plays and short fiction.  Literary anlaysis, the four basic writing types and speaking skills are also stressed.

English 3-Dramatic Literature and Composition Grade 11 Sem. 2Edit

This class enforces the learning of analysis of plays from all different regions and countries.  These plays will be read as literature rather than as a performance.  Writing and speaking skills are refined as well.

English 3-Mythology and Composition Grade 11 Sem. 2Edit

This class teaches students how to combine myths all over the world with literary analysis.  It involves reading myths that are not only Greek, but also Roman, Celtic, Egyptian and even Russian and Native American.

English 3-Cultural Studies and Composition Grade 11 Sem. 2Edit

This class talks about cultural literature from all over the world in English translation.  Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Religion are the main focuses of themes in the class.

English 4-Senior Level ChoicesEdit

English 4-Twentieth Century Literature and Composition Grade 12 Sem.Edit

This class teaches students how to read twentieth century plays, poems, novels and short stories. Use of textual knowledge and composition strategies from previous English classes is required to present oral reports and quarterly projects.  Novels read here have mature content.

English 4-Poetry and Composition Grade 12 Sem.Edit

This course encourages creative writing of high school poems, analyzing others' works and identifying poetry in the form of haikus, sonnets, limericks and more.

English 4-World Literature and Composition I Grade 12 Sem.Edit

This class teaches students how to analyze literary works from around the world.  Plays, poems, novels and short stories in this class all have mature content.

English 4-World Literature and Composition II Grade 12 Sem.Edit

This class continues to expand on topics and works covered in World Lit. 1.  Be forewarned, works in this class have mature content.

English 4-Philosiphic Literature and Composition Grade 12 Sem.Edit

This class focuses on literary works with themes like good vs. evil right and wrong, truth and lies, beauty and freedom, life and death.

English 4-Film Studies Grade 12 Sem.Edit

This class has students watch classic adult films and review them as literature.  Films watched and reviewed in this class have R-rated content in some cases.

English 4-Communication and Composition Grade 12 Sem.Edit

This class teaches students how to communicate in an adult world through the refinement of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Elective Course DescriptionsEdit

College Preparatory Reading Grade 10-12 Sem.Edit

This class helps students learn how to read college level works at the high school pace.  There will also be a reading list and outside reading required for this class.

Public Speaking Grade 10-12 Sem.Edit

This class focuses on public speaking skills beyond the podium.  Such skills are reading children's stories, prose reading, ward acceptance, impromptu speaking, radio speaking and original essay reading.  Confidence, poise and dignity improvement is stressed in this course.

Family and Consumer ScienceEdit

Culinary CoursesEdit

Intro to CookingEdit

Senior FoodsEdit

Intro to BakingEdit

Global Foods LabEdit

Intro to FoodserviceEdit

Fashion CoursesEdit

Clothing and Fashion IEdit

Clothing and Fashion IIEdit

Childcare CoursesEdit

Child Psychology, Growth and DevelopmentEdit

Preschool Teaching LabEdit


Independent Living CoursesEdit

Independent and Family LivingEdit

Senior FoodsEdit

Interior DesignEdit


Course DescriptionsEdit

Culinary CoursesEdit

Intro to Cooking Grade 9-11 Sem.Edit
Intro to Baking Grade 9-12 Sem. Prerequisite Intro to CookingEdit
Global Foods Lab Grade 10-12 Sem. Prerequisite Intro to BakingEdit
Intro to Foodservice Grade 11-12 Sem. Prerequisite 3 Previous Culinary CoursesEdit
Senior Foods Grade 12 Sem. No Previous Food ExperienceEdit

Fashion CoursesEdit

Childcare CoursesEdit

Independent Living CoursesEdit

Foreign LanguageEdit


Spanish IEdit

Spanish IIEdit

Spanish IIIEdit

Spanish IVEdit


French IEdit

French IIEdit

French IIIEdit

French IVEdit


German IEdit

German IIEdit

German IIIEdit

German IVEdit


Chinese IEdit

Chinese IIEdit

Chinese IIIEdit

Chinese IVEdit

Course DescriptionsEdit

Spanish CoursesEdit

French CoursesEdit

German CoursesEdit

Chinese CoursesEdit

Industrial ArtsEdit

Basic CoursesEdit

Industrial Arts Basics IEdit

Industrial Arts Basics IIEdit

Woodworking CoursesEdit

Woodworking IEdit

Woodworking IIEdit

Woodworking IIIEdit

Electric Circuiting CoursesEdit



Auto Repair CoursesEdit

Power MechanicsEdit

Automotive MaintenanceEdit

Course DescriptionsEdit

Basic CoursesEdit

Woodworking CoursesEdit

Woodworking I Grade 10-12 Yr.Edit
Woodworking II Grade 11-12 Yr. Prerequisite Woodworking I.Edit
Woodworking III Grade 12 Yr. Prerequisite Woodworking II.Edit

Electric Circuiting CoursesEdit

Auto Repair CoursesEdit


Algebra IEdit




9-10 Year



Algebra I


9-11 Year

Algebra II/TrigonometryEdit


Algebra I and Geometry


9-12 Year

Algebra IIEdit


Algebra I and Geometry


11-12 Year



Algebra II


11-12 Semester

Probability and StatisticsEdit


Algebra II


11-12 Semester



Algebra II/Trigonometry


12 Year

Course DescriptionsEdit


Choral CoursesEdit

Bass ChoirEdit

Ariel SingersEdit

Treble ChoirEdit

Band CoursesEdit

Concert BandEdit

Symphonic BandEdit

Wind SymphonyEdit

Orchestral CoursesEdit

Concert OrchestraEdit

Symphonic OrchestraEdit

Course DescriptionsEdit

Physical, Health and Driver's EducationEdit

Physical Education CoursesEdit

PE IEdit


9 Year-long requirement






10 Semester-long Requirement

Driver's EducationEdit

Classroom PhaseEdit


Behind-the-Wheel PhaseEdit


Course DescriptionsEdit


General CoursesEdit




Earth ScienceEdit

Specialized CoursesEdit

Botany and HorticultureEdit

Greenhouse Management and Floral DesignEdit


Cosmic AdventureEdit

General Course DescriptionsEdit

Biology Grade 9 Yr.Edit

Biology is the science course that helps students learn about all types of living organisms. Topics include organic chemistry, cells, genetics, anatomy and physiology, ecology and evolution.

Chemistry Grade 10-12 Yr. Prerequisite is Biology and concurrent attendance of GeometryEdit

Specialized Course DescriptionsEdit

Social StudiesEdit

Required CoursesEdit

Global GeographyEdit



Grade Edit

9 Year

Global HistoryEdit




9 Year

US HistoryEdit


Global Geography or Global History


10-11 Year

American StudiesEdit


Global Geography or Global History


10-11 Year

American GovernmentEdit


US History or American Studies


12 Semester


US GeographyEdit


US History or American Studies


11-12 Semester

Military HistoryEdit



Required Course DescriptionsEdit

Global Geography Grade 9 Yr.Edit

This class teaches students about the geographical features of the world from physical features to natural resources. Other topics include historical impacts, resources, human rights, terrorism, racism, disease and more.

Global History Grade 9 Yr.Edit

This course talks about international historical impacts from Ancient Egypt to World War I.  Topics include the Roman Empire, the Greek Olympics, the Spanish Inquisition and the French Revolution.

US History Grade 10-11 Yr. Prerequisite is Global Geography or Global HistoryEdit

This course emphasizes the ability of students to learn to analyze or interpret historical documents, present history reports and learn about the historical impacts that have affected the United States for over two hundred years.  Topics include Native Americans, Christopher Columbus, the Colonial Period, the American Revolution, the Western Expansion, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement and more.

American Studies Grade 10-11 Yr. Prerequisite is Global Geography or Global HistoryEdit

This history course deals with American History in a multicultural fashion.  History will be studied as will art, music, architecture, literature and fashion.  Active participation is demanded of the students in this class as will challenges beyond the classroom like intensive outside reading and writing, complex projects and frequent field trips to the American History Museum in Washington D.C.

American Government Grade 12 Sem. Prerequisite is US History or American StudiesEdit

This class talks about the national politics of the US.  Topics include the three governmental branches, crime and punishment, the Constitution, Homeland Security, elections and passing of laws.

Elective Course DescriptionsEdit