Elementary School

This is Darienee's Elementary School.

Notable StudentsEdit

Darienee Richardson

Sophia Edwardson

Cecily Gregory

Lionel Johnson

Mandy Bolena

Louis Benson

Monica Bell

Donogann Nelson

Charlotte Echolson

Mindy Carlson

Connolly O'Hara

Jacques West

Notable StaffEdit

Staff Member Position
Mr. Wilson Principal
Mrs. Julia Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Williamson First Grade Teacher
Mrs. O'Connor Second Grade Teacher
Mr. Bernstein Third Grade Teacher
Miss Campbell Fourth Grade Teacher
Mr. Stout Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Riley Art Teacher
Mrs. Testlaff Music Teacher
Mr. Farley Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Rider Nurse


K-5 Playground

This is the Polk Elementary School playground.

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